Are you looking to build a business online that sells products? Well, you are on the right place – in this article we`ll talk about the rise and improvements of the online store builders in 2017.

So, what’s an online store builder? There are various definitions for this term, yet the most common one is that a store builder is a platform that provides an easy solution for creating a functional online store – most likely packed with drag and drop system, pre-made templates and hosting.

There is a lot of choices for online store builders on the market today. The most known are,, and

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The process to create an online store is most likely common with all of the online builders above.

  1. Initial Account Setup and Plan choice
  2. Domain and Brand name Choice
  3. Set up a base Theme or Layout for the online shop
  4. Adjust and Remake the Theme looks and content for your business needs and information.
  5. Set up a shop and various extensions.
  6. Set up Products to Sell Online
  7. Set up Categories and Navigation
  8. Set up a payment system processor.
  9. Set up Email communication for customers.
  10. Set up Customer Support.

Woohoo. You are ready to roll. It’s that ‘simple’, just 10 steps.

As time goes by, each shop builder platform is improving it’s simplicity and intends to cut the time you spend on setting up the shop so you can get it up and running as soon as possible – and start to sell online.

The best online store builders may come pricey or have large fees, but they would offer a trial period where you can try the platform for free and see trough all the processes before you bring a final decision and find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Some of the online shop builders will come with a monthly or annual billing plan for their services based on the amount of visitors and sales you have – that is a great idea if you think that your business will have large quantity of sales. Others, will have small or no monthly/annual plans, yet, they`ll come with fixed or progressive fees or percentages out of every sale you make – that’s still not a bad idea since you have a whole ecommerce solution and online store builder for little or no investment.

Getting started with an online store builder Is a great idea if you have decided what type of products you want to sell online or perhaps start a drop shipping business online.