You are brimming with knowledge about a certain subject, and are willing to share with others. You get hold of the software that you might need and spend your days and nights in creating the content, organizing it and making it absorb and at the same time keeping it formal! But have you given a thought to the fact that others might not deem it as interesting or study worthy as you are feeling about the subject, and hence would not prefer to buy it? So, to get rid of this uncertainty and confusion, all you need to do is to pre-sell your course. The reasons you should be pre-selling are discussed below:

  • When you pre-sell, you prepare a glimpse of what your course would look like and what sort of learning outcomes can buyers expect from it. You understand the response that the audience has to your course.
  • You can adjust your course once you get the feedback and make it more presentable and irresistible for your target consumers.
  • You get a better idea of the strategy that you can prepare and adapt.
  • You get to save money! You will not have invested a lot when you are just developing a few things for the course, and who knows the popularity of your course can gain you sponsors or pre-bookings to furnish the cost of the preparation of rest of the course.
  • Pre-selling makes you sure that you are selling a product that is bound to make money rather than speculating if it would be a success.
  • The attempt to presale also ensures that you can understand the demands, and sentiments of your audience and hence the course would be completely catered to the audience’s demands.

Now the main question that is yet to be answered; How to pre-sell?

  • First, you need to observe your target audience and identify the needs and demands of the audience. This will help you choose the right topic for your online course.
  • Once you have determined the course you should be creating, start preparing the content. This does not mean that you need to create the whole of the content, create the key features, and make some available while keeping allowing some downloadable material with a subscription fees. This will ensure that you do not end up spending a lot of your time on creating the content without any surety. You end up getting positive feedbacks that you can incorporate into your course to make it acceptable for the audience. You start making money.
  • After content creation of around 20-30%, you should launch your own sales page. This page will be like your sales pitch. You should make it attractive, with discount offers for early registrations. Setting up a countdown also compels buyers to make impulse decision of purchasing. You should make it clear to the audience that it is just a presale right now. And also make sure that you add the author’s bio to it. This adds credibility to the course’s content and nurtures trust.
  • Once you have had a satisfactory response, you should launch your course!