To build an online store, you begin with creating your domain name. Try to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and catchy. Use a name that is unique so that you know it is not taken by someone else and it is not as common as other names. Take the help of domain registration companies so that you can choose the best kind of domain name according to your liking. If the domain name that you had in mind is already taken the domain registration service will show you the closest alternative name.

After choosing your domain name, pick a web hosting service. It is important to choose a good service for the website as that acts as the backbone for your online store. If the web hosting service is not the correct one your sales can go down. Even though there are free web hosting services available you have to pay a certain service fee as you are selling the products online.


You then design your website as you desire or hire a web designer who will customize the look of your website for you. You should focus on displaying the products you put on sale so that it becomes easier for your customers to find the products easily. While designing your website, try to avoid making it too flashy, the more straight-forward and simple it is, the better it is for the customers. Use a way to include all email addresses, so that you can email your customers about advertisements, promotions and sales. Choose a few colors and fonts and make it very easy for the customers to find the products that they are looking for.

Once you have completed with the design of your website, choose an e-commerce software which will help your buyers make an easy and secure purchase. With the help of the software all your customers contact and financial information is stored properly. The software can also be used to send out emails to the customers. It is important to take out some time and research for the proper e-commerce software as it will have a great affect on your e-commerce store.

Your next step would be to set up a merchant account with a financial institution, through which the customers can make their financial payments with credit cards. Instead of using a bank you can also use PayPal as the bank option is much pricier.

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